Massachusetts Locksmiths Association

"The key to finding professional Locksmiths in Massachusetts"

Executive Board: 

President – DJ Dabenigno, Dabbs Lock, E-Mail DJ

Vice President – Michael Kippenberger, MTK Locksmith, E-Mail Michael

Treasurer – Kenneth Beltram, Harvard University, E-Mail Kenneth

Secretary – Fred Darcy, D & D Lock Solutions, E-Mail Fred

Membership Chairman – Carl Feinberg, Carl’s Locksmith Service, E-Mail Carl

Keeper of Records / By-Laws – Mario Lituri, Lituri and Son Locksmiths, E-Mail Mario

Terms run through December 2015

The Members who are on the Executive Board are elected to their position and volunteer their time to ensure the continued operation of the Association. Please e-mail a board member directly with any questions you may have.

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